Setting up Dynamics AX 7 CTP8 Demo VM

AX-7Download the AX 7 VM

I’ll be honest and say it took me a while to find the download. I did a number of searches and it took some digging to find where to get the demo VM. In order to download the VM, you need to head over to Life Cycle Services (LCS) and create a new project. There may be some credential linking needed behind the scenes as well, so if you can’t access LCS, check with your organization.

Even once I got into the LCS and created a new project, the descriptions I followed didn’t really point me in the right direction. You need to scroll the page horizontally (yes, horizontally!) and find the Environments section.

LCS-Environment-Add-Download-VMIgnore the Azure configuration link (unless you want to deploy there) and click the blue plus (+) sign. A panel will (eventually) load on the right side of the page and a give you the choice to deploy a local version of AX 7. It was about a 21 GB download for me.

Extract the self-extracting RAR files and proceed with the Hyper-V setup!

Setting up Hyper-V

In order to get the VM up and running, I followed this guide from the Dynamics Community site. However, the networking section about setting up the virtual switch didn’t work for me at all, and after an hour so of banging my head on the wall I found this great article from Rick Gipson about using a legacy network adapter which helped a lot. If you are using a wireless network card in a laptop, this is probably the way to go.

Now that the VM has an Internet connection, let’s get the AX instance up and running.

Configure the AX 7 Instance

Using the help links in the LCS project dashboard, we find that we just need to configure the administrator user by using the “‘AX 7’ Preview admin user provisioning tool” link on the VM desktop and then browsing to the URL given in the help notes.

At this point, AX 7 is up and running and you can start navigating the myriad of pages presented to a administrative user.

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